Symbolically beautiful tattoos that represent family unity

One of the objectives when getting a tattoo is for it to have deep symbolism, and tattoos that symbolize family unity are an excellent example of this.

The word “family” has its origin in the Latin “familia”, which comes from “famulus”, derived in turn from the Oscan “famel”, which means servant. More remotely, it is linked to the Sanskrit “vama”, which translates as room or house.

Tattoos that represent Family Union

Tattoo in honor of Mom

 Tattoo in Honor of Parents

 Tattoos for Husbands

 Family Tattoos

 Father and Son Tattoo

 Mom and son tattoos

Son Tattoo

 Sister Tattoos

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Based on this etymology, in ancient times the group of people and slaves who resided with the lord of the house was considered a family. The family is defined as the group of individuals united by ties of marriage, kinship or adoption.

It is considered a natural and universal community, with emotional foundations, of undeniable formation in the individual and of great social importance. It is said to be universal because the history of the family is, in fact, the history of humanity.

In all social strata and at all stages of its evolution, some form of family organization has always manifested itself. Although the family has experienced changes over time, it has endured, thus being a universal social group, the most universal of all.